The farm is located in a picturesque area – Vilhovets, Kiev region. Owner – Lukach Alexander Mitrofanovich. The farm contains 200 goats of Alpine and Anglo-Nubian breeds. The process of choosing the right animals for the farm took a long lime, and it was decided to have Alpine and Anglo-Nubian breeds of Austrian selection. Anglo-Nubians is an exotic breed. Experts claim that their milk has a taste of walnut, and cheese has a specific taste. Construction was done in a short time: the land for construction was chosen on April 3, 2015.

The first cheese was ready on June 15, 2016. It took 14 months from the idea to the first cheese.

Equipment that is used on the farm:

  • Milking parlor parallel type P300SG 2x12;
  • Milk cooling tank DXO 300;
  • Drinking bowl for goats C5;
  • Circulating Water Heater DWH-200.