Breeding dairy farm "Stepnoy" is the only dairy farm with its own milk processing in the south of Ukraine.

The herd consists of Holstined native black-motley cows. Milking cows are kept in 2 six-row barns on sand bedding, young stock is kept in the reconstructed buildings on deep straw bedding. Ventilation - automatic ventilation curtains CRAW, drinking water supply - group water troughs WT7. Milking is done in the milking parlor 2x20 R2100, the milk is cooled by instant cooling system CWC90.

Livestock - 800 dairy cows, 2,000 livestock overall, land area: 20 hectares.

The results of 2014:

  • Average milk yield per milking cow - 8,200 kg of milk per lactation;
  • Fat - 3.8%, protein - 3.4%;
  • Culling rate - 10%, mastitis cows - less than 1%.