DeLaval compact chillers let you cool milk instantly to safeguard milk quality and profits.

As they enable the fastest method of cooling milk, DeLaval compact chillers are ideal for any dairy operation where the highest milk quality is required and traditional in-tank cooling is not sufficient.

Core benefits:

  • Possibility to cool milk on farms where traditional in-tank cooling is not enough.
  • Provides fastest cooling rate of all cooling system types –> conserves milk quality.
  • One-piece design makes it easy to install and maintain.
  • Possible to install outside the building to conserve space.
  • Built in heat recovery to limit energy use.
  • Makes possible use of vertical tanks with limited cooling surface to store the milk.
  • Designed with long working time in mind, double system to minimize risk of total failure.
  • Three sizes (60,90,120) with possibility to integrate two units on one farm gives flexibility.
  • Multiple compressors circuits to adjust capacity to actual milk flow on farm.