The EnDurance™ parallel parlour is built for durability using the best possible combination of material and manufacturing processes. Framework for the stall is made from galvanized structural steel. Selected components such as sequencing gates and butt pans with elevated gutters are made from durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel. The EnDurance™ parallel parlour arrives at your location ready to install. Fabricated parlour sections mean a reduction in the number of in-field welds required. The result is a stronger parlour, that’s up and running in no time with a lower overall cost to you.

Core benefits:

  • 1x4/4 up to 2x60/120;
  • All Exit/All Index;
  • Gang Exit/Gang Index optional;
  • 27” or 28” stall width;
  • Galvanized or stainless steel.