Unprotected feeding places destroyed by acid are contaminated with millions of germs and bacteria. This can cause cow health problems and reduce milk production. On-farm experience shows that cows prefer to eat from clean, hygienic and germ-free feeding places, such as that provided by this feeding table cover.

It is easy to keep DeLaval FTC clean. This helps to maintain feed quality, encouraging cows to eat more: and higher feed intake increases milk production. Silage slides on the smooth surface, enabling fast and easy pushback. The unique aluminium profi le holds the cover fi rmly in place

Patented BI-Orientation™ technology makes the feeding table cover three times more acid and alkaline resistant than other plastic surfaces. DeLaval FTC withstands the heavy load of tractor and feed wagon. It can be installed on any kind of fl at surface, ready to use straight away – it needs no curing time.