DeLaval VMS™ V300 is all about making dairy farming more personal. More accurate. More profitable. It is a system that allows us to treat each farm, each farmer, each cow, even each teat – individually – and to customize the process to meet each individual’s needs, to create a better place to be for workers, cows, your families and you.

As a true voluntary milking system, the DeLaval VMS V300 works with nature to foster healthier, calmer cows, which means better longevity, productivity, reproduction and yield. Featuring the gentlest milking process we’ve ever created, with a dedicated preparation cup and four ICAR approved milk meters (one for each teat) the vacuum, pulsation and take off are adjusted automatically for each teat, resulting in superior udder health.

Core benefits:

  • Contributes to Improved Farm Profitability;
  • Contributes to More Milk per Labor Hour;
  • Contributes to Healthier Cows;
  • Contributes to Highest Milk Quality.