Self-propelled mixers HD series VS and MEGAMIX with capacity from 18 to 23 cubic meters are designed to operate continuously for 10-12 hours per day in for mega-farms with milking livestock of 1000 cows and more.

Core benefits:

  • Energy consumption management system ECM performs two functions - fuel economy and protection against operator errors;
  • Special anti-corrosion (stainless) steel 3CR12 for the mixing bin, screw, front chopper, discharge conveyor and other critical components of the machine;
  • Chain steel discharge conveyor. Longer service life and reliable operation at low temperatures;
  • The patented design of the front chopper does not violate the feed nutritional value and is operated at 400 RPM;
  • Rear location of the engine. Easy access to the engine and hydraulics for servicing, the noise reduction in the cabin;
  • Service life - more than 20 000 hours. In Russia self-propelled VS series mixers operate since 2008. There are machines with the running time of more than 19,000 hours;
  • Constant availability of spares in stock. As well as highly qualified DeLaval service engineers;
  • High performance - 9 tons maximum load, mixing and distribution up to 17 tons of monofeed per hour, feeding of 3,000 animals per shift.