If your primary milking system is from Delaval, it is simple to use the same type of milk extraction with DeLaval PMU. With its correct pulsation rate and vacuum, it meets ISO standards.

DeLaval portable milking unit PMU is compact and easy to maneuver in narrow corridors. The unit is mounted on an ergonomic frame with easy access to start and stop buttons. Providing plug and play simplicity, DeLaval PMU is factory-equipped with cable and plug, so there is no need for expensive electrical installations.

Core benefits:

  • Premium back-up unit - special care cows;
  • Plug & play - no costly electrical work;
  • Easy access to animals in remote areas;
  • No need for external vacuum supply;
  • Compatible with DeLaval milking systems;
  • Compact: easy to maneuver in corridors;
  • Correct pulsation rate and vacuum level;
  • Fulfills ISO standards;
  • Ergonomic frame;
  • Easy access to start and stop buttons.