The MU480 can display milking unit data on a screen The MU480 milking unit is equipped with electronic pulsation, Duovac stimulation as an option, and milk tubes / cluster options The MU480 milking unit can be system connected via blue tooth to the DeLaval DelPro Herd Management system, additional hardware is required.

Core benefits:

  • Equipped with automatic cluster removal, delivering over-milking protection and healthier test ends;
  • Equipped with Duovac stimulating pulsation system for cleaner, faster milking out;
  • Equipped with an ICAR approved milk metering system to milk record your cows every milking every day;
  • System connectable to a SMART phone/tablet application for you to understand your cows better;
  • System connectable to the DelPro Herd Management system for better cow management and feeding support.