It’s easy to see what makes this soft rubber mat so special. Designed for tied-up stands but also applicable for loosehousing, this 21mm thick mat is produced of high quality rubber with virgin rubber for extra comfort and softness. The cone shaped studs on the underside are shock absorbent and allow water drainage in all directions.

The built-in slope at the back facilitates urine drainage and the solid part at the far back end closes the gap towards the gutter, to prevent dirt from accumulating under the mat. The patent-protected top surface provides good drainage and the design makes the mat dryer plus easier to clean. DeLaval RM21S is easily installed, with three pre-drilled holes in the front which are countersunk to perfectly fit the fixing plugs.

Core benefits:

  • Anti-slip structure;
  • Non-absorbent;
  • Easy to clean.